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27/12/2017 by admin

Calabria is a surprising land, full of contrasts and nuances that make it a fascinating destination for your stay. A peninsula lapped by the sea that has just arrived for the hinterland along steep slopes of ancient woods and snowy mountains. The Calabrian mountains still preserve a completely uninhabited area surrounded by nature, rich in typical alpine vegetation and inhabited by characteristic species, so as to be present in three national parks and a regional park. In the heart of Calabria, the Sila National Park offers visitors a fascinating place, rich in suggestive itineraries and exciting landscapes, enchanted mountains and valleys, spectacular plants and a great variety of animals. The park holds within it a significant biodiversity heritage, which deserves to be loved and protected. The park also offers a well-equipped ski resort, a popular destination for winter tourism. Particular landscapes and refined parks complexes of the Pollino National Park the largest and wildest natural park in Italy, which became a UNESCO heritage site in 2015. With its pristine grandeur that is discovered at the limit of the altitude, the park is able to offer visitors a great variety of natural environments. The National Park of Aspromonte presents a very frugal structure of territory, from the Tyrrhenian to the Ionian and offers a multiple variety of plant species, generating biodiversity separately, thanks to the favorable climatic conditions. Between the Aspromonte and the Sila is the Regional Park of the Serre, a protected natural area. The Park is crossed by two long mountain ranges, large woods and streams with very high waterfalls.