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27/12/2017 by admin

From the Tyrrhenian to the Ionian the Calabria sea is different and beautiful at the same time. Whether beaches of fine white sand or rocky lands overlooking the sea, the Calabrian coasts offer landscapes each time different and wonderful in their unique characteristics. A journey from east to west, watching the sun rise on the coasts of the high Ionian Cosenza that reverberates on the crystalline waters of renowned tourist centers, which next to modern and well-equipped bathing establishments preserve the ancient heart of the fishing villages. Then go down to the pointed outlines of Punta dell’Alice and Capo Colonna, where the fascinating temple of Hera Lacinia rises, and even further down towards Capo Rizzuto, to plunge quickly into the Gulf of Squillace, along a coast of rare beauty. The journey continues whirling towards the extreme point of Calabria: from the door of Locri we arrive at the Costa dei Gelsomini, an area of ​​great naturalistic interest, where the Caretta Caretta, a protected sea turtle, nests. Doppiato Capo Spartivento goes back to Reggio Calabria and the Strait of Messina, before diving into the beautiful Costa Viola, so called for the violet reflections of the sea of ​​the Lower Tyrrhenian Sea. And you get to Tropea, pearl of the entire Mediterranean, historical and tourist center of international interest, gateway to the Costa degli Dei, whose depths are characterized by one of the most beautiful examples of Mediterranean flora and fauna. The journey ends on the high Tyrrhenian coast, watching the sunset on the Riviera dei Cedri, in a scenario so far and different from the starting point and yet so close to push to start all over again. This offers the sea of ​​Calabria, from the ideal climate for long periods of vacation in establishments equipped with every comfort, equipped beaches and receptive structures of wellness and relaxation for the whole family.