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27/12/2017 by admin

On the tables of Calabria is a party every day. Tasting typical Calabrian dishes is a real journey into the millenarian gastronomic culture of the region, rich in flavors and aromas that reflect the variety and abundance of local products. Each village preserves its traditions at the table and offers dishes worthy of being tasted by the best palates: strictly handmade pasta; fabulous sausages prepared following ancient recipes jealously guarded; preserves of fruits and vegetables, testament of traditions handed down over time when the food was prepared during the summer to be consumed during the winter. And then the fine wines DOC and IGT, which through taste convey the taste of a generous land; extra virgin olive oil, obtained from secular olive trees through practices still regulated by the rhythm of time and seasons; bread, pitte and cutters, produced in wood-fired ovens and flavored with the flavor of wheat. In Calabria, through the table, you can explore the whole territory, starting from the precious fish of the coasts to get to the genuineness of the crops of the plains, from tasty mountain cheeses to the delicacy of the meat of breeds of native breeds, coming across peaks of excellence recognized all over the world: the Tropea onions, sweet and tasty; the licorice of Rossano; the fragrant and very rare bergamot; the caciocavallo silano. Calabria, beautiful to see and good to eat